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Traditional Japanese Massage

Anma is the oldest formal massage modality in East Asia, having originated with the ancient Daoist of China approximately three thousand years ago. Many Westerners are familiar with Shiatsu, but do not realize that Shiatsu is a 20th Century off-shoot of Anma, and is only one part of all that Anma consists of. Anma has been regulated as a traditional discipline since the year 718 C.E. in Japan, and has been the core modality in traditional schools for centuries.

Anma is an extensive therapeutic application, based on muscle kneading, designed to work muscles deeply and directly. It can be applied over clothing or directly on bare skin, sitting or lying down, on a table or on the floor.

Anma has been the basis for a number of modern modalities such as Shiatsu, Tuina, and the most popular form of Western massage; Swedish massage. However, Anma is a distinct discipline, and although these derivitive modalities emphasize particular elements of Anma, Anma itself is more extensive than any of it's off-shoots.

Anma works on moving the muscles of your body to release the toxins and tension that has built up in the muscle tissue. Also by working the vessels and tsubos (pressure points), it balances the Qi (internal energy) allowing your body to function more effectively.

Although Anma is a vast and complete subject in it's own right, and is the main specialization of many advanced practitioners in Japan, it is also the introductory training discipline for all other Japanese modalities. Anma holds the basis of all bodywork, and a firm understanding of Anma is essential for all advanced Japanese methods of bodywork.

Anma uses no oils during the massage and can be applied through clothes. It is a very therapeutic form of massage, and can be applied very gently and lightly, or vigorously and deeply, depending on what each individual client's needs are.

*** Anma is something I have a passion for, but I no longer offer Anma as a service.

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