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Auricular Medicine

The ear has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent different diseases for more than 2,000 years in China. However during the past 60 years the development of Auricular medicine has grown to become a very systematic, complete, and separate medical system. It is a unique branch of Chinese medicine, and plays an important role in Chinese and Western medicines.

Auricular Medicine is a highly developed system of diagnosis and treatment, discovering ailments anywhere in the human body by expertly examining the ear, which the well trained practitioner can accurately determine symptoms and root causes of diseases.

Auricular Diagnosis, unlike any other medical systems, can examine the physical conditions of a person in a very simple, low cost, but precise way. By checking different auricular points, one can get information about the health condition of a person. More importantly, it can also give the history of the diseases and also can predict the potentials of certain diseases such as diabetes. Other medical systems are imprecise or complex, expensive, and time consuming.

Auricular Medicine can be used to diagnose about 200 different diseases, including internal, gynaecological, and surgical diseases. It can also be used to improve complexion, lose weight, quit smoking, and for anti-aging effects. Auricular Medicine is excellent in relieving pain, vertigo, dizziness, and clearing mind.

The advantages of Auricular Medicine due to it's unique methods of diagnosis and treat includes:

  • there are no side effects
  • requires no needles, herbs, vitamins, or drugs
  • is a total treatment for the whole body: Physical, functional, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  • diagnosis and treatment are practiced at the same time
  • Present both merits of Eastern and Western Medicine
  • requires no complex medical devices for diagnosing and treating diseases.
  • is a painless process, due to the nature that Auricular Treatment doesn't penetrate the skin.
  • although it is simple, it has been proven to be very effective in both diagnosis and treatment.
  • Treatments are simple and easy utilizing what we call Auricular Seed Therapy. This is a safe and painless treatment method that refers to applying a hard, smooth seed, or a magnetic pellet on tape, to a selected auricular point, and pressing it to stimulate the point. It is the most popular treatment method under development in the past 25 years. Through clinical practice records, it has been confirmed that Auricular Seed Therapy is more acceptable by the patients, yet can achieve satisfactory therapeutic effects. Thus, Auricular Treatment is very different from acupuncture because it doesn't penetrate the body and is basically painless. When the seeds remain on the ear for about a week, the patients can treat themselves, and thus better results will be obtained. This is a natural drug-free approach to health care.

    I have been been honored to have been able to study with Dr. Li Chun Huang, the top world recognized expert in the field of Auricular Medicine. Her teaching and guidance has taken my understand and use of the ear as a diagnostic tool and area of treatment to a whole other world. This has allowed me to be able to get success with certain patients, where other methods were stuck.

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