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Healthy Eating

Individualized Dietary Guidance

One aspect of the whole healing process, especially for prevention of illness and disease is nutrition and diet. I will evaluate your current diet, so I can then educate and give individual dietary guidance to facilitate your healing process, prevent illness and promote longevity.

The origins of Chinese herbal medicine classified herbs in three categories. The finest herbs were edible and many were foods. In fact the first Chinese physicians were dieticians. It is your diet that controls the prevention of disease. In our partnership towards your health, it is your daily activities that really affects how long your healing process will take, and the quality of your health through the years. I help with guidance and treatment to maintain or treat specific illnesses when they do arise.

General Guidelines

  • Attitude – Never eat while angry, and when you do eat maintain a place of joy in your heart. If you ruin your diet, and eat something you "shouldn't", don't get upset, accept that you didn't stick to your diet, but be happy that you brought nourishment into your body. Then go back onto your diet.
  • Mindfulness – Pay attention when you eat to what you are doing, which is bringing life energy (Qi) into your body to sustain your life. Do not watch TV, read or do other activities. Also for your elimination, be mindful of releasing all the negative from your body.
  • Chew Well – There is a saying that the stomach doesn't have teeth. Chewing is the first part of our digestion, breaking down the foods, releasing digestive enzymes so the stomach can work efficiently leading to better digestion and absorption, and less chance of having digestive problems.
  • Belly Fire – The digestive system is like a fire to cook your food, if you eat cold foods you'll put out the fire, and if you eat heavy foods, you'll smother the fire. So stay away from cold, raw, processed and refined foods, alcohol, coffee, dairy and sugar.
  • Eating to Live – Most people just live to eat, so they eat whatever satisfies them at the time, or just to fill their stomachs, even though they may know it's not healthy for them. Before you eat, ask yourself if the food is going to help promote health, or lead to future illness. Then make your choice.
  • Eat in Moderation – We tend to eat far too much food than we need, an example is Thanksgiving dinners. Eat just to the point of being full, and eat regular meals preferable at regular times of the day. Also don't eat anything less than two hours before sleeping.
  • AVOID – Trans Fats and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Unfortunately these are hard to avoid, but do your best to replace your foods with non-trans fats and non-high fructose corn syrup. It may be a little more expensive, but how much is your health worth?

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