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Our Mission

Arvada Acupuncture & Wellness is dedicated to transforming people and the world by helping as many people as possible achieve true health, wellness, vitality and longevity..... naturally!

Our Philosophy

You can catch a fish and feed a man for a day, or you can teach that person to fish for themselves and feed them for a lifetime. This is the basis of our mission.

We approach this on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Through these processes people will learn to take control and responsibility for their own lives. They become self-reliant, self-aware, and self-confident in their own heath and healing process.

By providing people with knowledge, guidance, and services we strive to help people use their opportunities to view life in new ways, live better lives, and continually improve themselves.

As each person grows and learns to be free, they become an example to others. Thus we collectively duplicate our efforts and reach more people to a healthier population, environment, and world.

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